QuickBooks for Legal

quickbooks for legal
Legal Startups or a law firm involves the colossal amount of accounting tasks on a regular basis. These firms also deal with the giant amount of data. There is a great work pressure, especially for the startups, we’re including all the tasks they have to maintain their books while keeping the costs and expenses to a minimum. This is where QuickBooks accounting software can benefit the Legal startups or Law Firms in keeping up with their daily transactions and taxes in an efficient manner. QuickBooks is manufactured and marketed by Intuit. The software is smart in handling the myriad range of accounting tasks of the legal startup business.

Below are the ways in which QuickBooks can make accounting in law firms or legal startups:

  • QuickBooks helps to create, save and send invoices directly to your customers and the invoices get automatically recorded into the transactions.
  • QuickBooks software offers a set of product and services along with their rates respectively. Legal startups can set hourly rates and easily calculate the amount owed to them by their clients.
  • QuickBooks comprise of powerful forms that are a great benefit to legal startup firms. You can send product orders to your vendors and record all the Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables. This assures you that all the all completed and outstanding transactions are recorded successfully.
  • Easily add transaction in the General Journal Entry.
  • If your Legal/Law firm wants to help the poor by opening up an Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA) or by doing Pro Bono work, you can track the transactions of that as well with QuickBooks software.
  • QuickBooks is secure software in handling confidential data. You can add a password to protect your account. QuickBooks prompts to change a password in every 90 days.
  • QuickBooks records your transactions directly from forms so there is the minimal possibility of any error.
  • Stay on top of your taxes with the help of QuickBooks.
  • Customize forms along with the logo of your firm to make it more professional.
  • Legal startup firms create reports to analyze and assess the business. These reports help to plan future strategies for your business.
  • QuickBooks versions can be classified as desktop, cloud and Android version. All the data of your firm can be easily integrated into these platforms that help to have all your transactions at your fingertips.
QuickBooks software also offers Pro, Premier, and Enterprise version. You can choose the appropriate version according to the requirements and size of your firm.
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