QuickBooks for Healthcare

Accounting tasks for startup hospitals are voluminous and complex. The technological advancements in the healthcare industry have helped to manage the volume of accounts. The health care tasks in the hospitals are of sensitive nature and it becomes very difficult to cope with the high volume of data on a regular basis. The accounts related to patients, stock, inventory, payroll needs to be effectively maintained every day.

We’re affordable accounting services are accorded for the healthcare startups

The services cover all the queries and problems that are faced by the startup companies. We have the QB, technical experts, to manage your complete accounting activities in a professional manner. With an extensive experience, we have assisted many clients to set up their accounting system for their healthcare startup business. We hire the best QB accounting professionals in our team. QuickBooks is a boon for healthcare businesses and especially startups that have financial crunch initially. The QuickBooks accounting software is affordable and employing this financial management software to your business will benefit you to waive the accounting department in your set up. The software is user-friendly and does not require any technical expertise to use it. This is the reason QuickBooks has become the most preferable software in the healthcare industry. The software has various versions incorporated with rich features.

You need to pick up the right version for your health care set up for the smooth workflow.

The developers of QuickBooks software have designed the application so as to meet the healthcare business requirements. The software helps to manage the following accounting tasks:

  • Create financial statements for the healthcare unit ( that includes Profit &Loss A/C, Balance Sheet and Cash flow)
  • Produce (FUF/RUF): Facility and Resource Use Fee billings
  • Analysis of fixed asset/depreciation
  • Submission of external surveys
  • Check capital budgeting and reporting of the health-care business
  • Guide the journal entry transactions, during the end of the month for the closing process
  • Manage the miscellaneous (contract billings)

QuickBooks software is an excellent tool that simplifies the accounting tasks. There is default configuration of standard accounts in QuickBooks. AAHA chart of accounts works well with the basic accounts that come inbuilt in QuickBooks. You can group all of your personal or facility costs together in the software. The staff costs usually comprise of:

  • Departmental wages
  • Payroll taxes
  • Insurance for employees
  • Continuing education
  • Uniforms
  • Meals
  • Retirement match

The occupancy costs of the health-care set up comprising of the following:

  • Rent
  • Building insurance
  • Utilities
  • Maintenance
  • Building repairs
  • Property tax

QuickBooks maintains a wide variety of useful reports that can be understood by all levels of expertise. We aim at client satisfaction and business growth. The company provides full-time availability, quality work, affordable price to any agency and you will get their assistance 24×7 round the clock. For more details feel free to contact us at any time you required.

Call to our toll-free help phone number for QuickBooks and fetch quick resolution for your queries and problems.

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